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UK Veto Is A Smokescreen For Much Greater EZ Failures

The headlines in the aftermath of last week’s EU summit have largely been focused on the UK veto but surely the more important issue is what Germany is unwillingly to do to save the Euro. Economists generally agree that two … Continue reading

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Euro Zone Needs Credible Bank Run Insurance

The financial markets are in crisis mode once again. The flight-to-quality is in full effect with safe haven assets in high demand; gold is breaking new highs every day while US and UK government bonds are falling to record lows. … Continue reading

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Low UST Yields Are Path To Fiscal Expansion

Think about this. Look at where 10-year US Treasury yields are, look at 10-year UK gilt yields for that matter. The world is crying out for AAA assets. The world’s investors want somewhere safe for their cash; European pension funds, … Continue reading

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August 18 2011 WSJ – Fed Eyes European Banks : Regulators Scrutinize Ability of Institutions’ U.S. Units to Fund Themselves Federal and state regulators, signaling their growing worry that Europe’s debt crisis could spill into the U.S. banking system, are intensifying their … Continue reading

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In The Know

August 17 2011 GUARDIAN – The crisis facing Britain’s education system The gulf between schools educating the well-off and the disadvantaged has never been bigger. And things are only likely to get worse in the coming years. BLOOMBERG – Asian … Continue reading

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August 16 2011 TELEGRAPH-Germany’s Angela Merkel faces eurobond mutiny : The simmering revolt in the Bundestag makes it almost impossible for Mrs Merkel to offer real concessions at Tuesday’s emergency summit with French president Nicolas Sarkozy. “We are categorical that the … Continue reading

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In The Know

    August 15 2011 TELEGRAPH – ECB is euroland’s last hope as bail-out machinery fails to resolve crisis.      TELEGRAPH – Global debt crisis: Markets enter ‘new danger zone’.                            GUARDIAN … Continue reading

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