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In the long run the Euro will survive, in the short term it remains on life support

The trouble with the Euro Zone is that the plan is a long term restructuring program with very few measures to help ease the pain in the short term. But as we all know, “We’re all dead in the long … Continue reading

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ECB’s Rate Cut And Liquidity Analgesic

The ECB’s latest rate cut and 36 month liquidity operations can ease interbank liquidity problems, but it acts more as a painkiller for a bullet wound and much deeper surgery is needed in the form of Euro Zone restructuring. Since … Continue reading

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Politicians Owe Banks A Bailout

One concern of the bank bailouts in 2008, was that capitalism works by allowing bad businesses to fail, enabling stronger growth through competition. However, although there may have been some validity to this given banks’ exposures to risky mortgage-backed securities, … Continue reading

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In The Know

August 16 2011 TELEGRAPH-Germany’s Angela Merkel faces eurobond mutiny : The simmering revolt in the Bundestag makes it almost impossible for Mrs Merkel to offer real concessions at Tuesday’s emergency summit with French president Nicolas Sarkozy. “We are categorical that the … Continue reading

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