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Help us George, just not like that!

Oh George, what are you trying to do with the housing market?  The help-to-buy scheme is 100% politics and 0% economics. It will boost house prices, as if the Bank of England wasn’t doing enough, and perhaps give a “feel … Continue reading

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The last time I lent out EUR18 billion….

This whole Cyprus situation is crazy for more than the obvious reasons, it reminds me of the last time I lent out EUR18 billion. In 2007 I was a repo trader at a large “overleveraged” US bank. One of my … Continue reading

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ECB’s Rate Cut And Liquidity Analgesic

The ECB’s latest rate cut and 36 month liquidity operations can ease interbank liquidity problems, but it acts more as a painkiller for a bullet wound and much deeper surgery is needed in the form of Euro Zone restructuring. Since … Continue reading

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Sachs Hits Out At US Inequality From Taxes To Corruption in Congress

Last night Professor Jeffery Sachs gave a great lecture at the London School of Economics on the long-term structural crisis facing the US. For 30 years successive governments have implemented policies aimed at making life easier for the 1% of … Continue reading

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Euribor Spreads Show Worrying Reminder of 2008

The spread between secured and unsecured lending in the interbank markets as measured by the spread between 3-month Euribor and 3-month Eoniaswaps has taken a dangerously similar path to before the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Figure 1: 3mth Euribor spreads … Continue reading

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Politicians Owe Banks A Bailout

One concern of the bank bailouts in 2008, was that capitalism works by allowing bad businesses to fail, enabling stronger growth through competition. However, although there may have been some validity to this given banks’ exposures to risky mortgage-backed securities, … Continue reading

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Time To Shock And Awe Euro Zone

Congratulations to German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, for winning the vote in the Bundestag on the EUR440 billion EFSF. But, it’s not big enough. To save the Euro a “shock and awe” policy needs to be implemented to remove any doubts … Continue reading

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